Hindusthan Record’s studio at 6/1 Akrur Dutta lane is creating milestones in music for ninety years.

Hindusthan record

Our Legacy

India 1932. A new recording studio opened its doors in Calcutta. Hindusthan Record.

Born of the vision of C.C. Saha, who realized that the musical genres in Bengal at the time had enormous potential – and needed to be nurtured and developed further. Most of all, they needed to be recorded.

Our History

    Hindusthan Musical Products Ltd. (Hindusthan Record) the forerunner to The Indian Record Manufacturing

Company Ltd (INRECO) began its journey in the  early decades of the 1900s. Mr. Chandi Charan Saha installed recording equipment that he brought from Germany at his Studio in 1932. He emerged as one of the first Indians to set up a recording studio only to record Indian Music. Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore also encouraged & recommended his disciples to record under the Music Label “Hindusthan Record”. Soon the logo with Shepherd boy playing the flute became the household name of every music lover.

Being one of the oldest music label in the country, it evidently became more popular as the only ‘Indian Music Company’. The Music label has the top-recording artists across all genres and languages, of the past hundred years and some of the greatest names in music. The rich repertoire of Rabindranath Tagore along with the voice recordings of KL Saigal, Debabrata Biswas, Sachin Dev Burman, Subinoy Roy, Pankaj Kumar Mullick, Amar Pal, Kanika Banerjee, Pannalal Bhattacharjee, Abbasuddin, Gyan Prakash Ghosh, Feroza Begum, Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali and other luminaries…

 As the evolution of the music format changed, simultaneously Company has changed its stance according to

the need of the hour and thus took the strategic decision to go ‘Digital’ & diversified into the domain of emerging media & technology, keeping the philosophy & roots intact. The first Company to get into the Digital domain & started deploying their content on all Digital Platforms. INRECO started developing new products, acquired music & non-music content, did alliances with content partners, companies & artists.

   It goes without saying that content discovery has changed significantly in the past decade, and the method

of consumption has also changed drastically. Now consumers expect a frictionless delivery and high-quality, searchable, and readily available content to suit their interest. Today’s generation is constantly demanding new content. They change their behaviour according to their likings & where they get interesting content. They no longer care about platforms, for the content is the ‘King.’ It has been proved that to engage consumers, it is important to produce, aggregate & syndicate content according to languages, genres, etc that suits the choice of a consumer.

Inreco has been successfully doing so and supporting artists, producers, & organizations by way of aggregating content for the last few decades & syndicating their content across all audio & OTT platforms. We are indebted to our artists & associates those who have never lost faith in us & preferred to walk the road hand in hand.

We believe this is still not the ultimate, for there is no destination, there is only a never-ending journey and for us, music is the only vehicle.

The company’s ethos is to Respect Artists, Value Creativity, Provide an Amicable Environment & say No to Piracy.