Zubeen Garg

Zubin Garg

As a singer, lyricist, music director, composer, film producer & director, script writer Zubin Garg is one of those talented singers who wear multiple hats in their professional field. He has sung in about a dozen of different Indian languages and dialect. He is also also an instrumentalist who is quite an expert playing various strings & percussions.

Born in an Assamese family at Meghalaya, he is Assam’s highest paid singer today. He started singing from quite an early age and his first music teacher was his mother. During his school days he used to compose songs and gave them for singing. His debut album was on Assamese music which was released in 1992. In 1995 he stepped into the larger platform with his first indipop solo album which lead to recordings for many more albums. Along with this he recorded playbacks for many Bollywood films.

His career in Bengali music started in the year 2003. He has recorded quite a number of songs for Hindusthan record. The famous songs of Zubin Garg are ‘Sure Mare Siprang’, ‘Dholore Dhiniki’, ‘Ejuri Halikai’, ‘Nila Nila Akhorere’ and many more.

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